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God is calling all mothers to arise and take their places as queen of their homes.

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This book is 13 years in the making…

As far back as I can remember, I can still picture my mother and father praying for me every night. I often never knew what words that they were saying, but I was always comforted in knowing that their prayers were providing the protection that I needed. What I didn’t know at the time was that they were also interceding for my future—their prayers even prayed this little book into being!

However, even though I grew up in a Christian home, it wasn’t until I became pregnant that I felt this overwhelming desire to read the Word of God out loud. I just knew that God’s word would be a source of life, keeping both my son and I safe as my belly grew. (Joshua 1:8) Little did I understand then that it was God who was prompting me to partner with His Word for very specific reasons.

Soon afterwards, we were told by doctors that our little boy had a medical condition that needed to be monitored. Then a month after he was born, our son had his first surgery. That’s when things began to go downhill in a hurry. Before his first birthday, I was diagnosed with cancer and even after I was stable again, our son continued to receive treatments which then led to even more surgeries.

In such a short time, our little family faced so many challenges and unknowns that really gave us a good tossing. But deep within my heart, I knew that God would not leave us in that place. (Isaiah 43:2) It was through these years that I found myself laying on my son’s bedroom floor while he slept just praying and crying out to God for answers, wisdom, and healing—and it was there that God re-introduced Himself to me as a good father. As the years went by, I found myself repeatedly running back to my new prayer room; and night after night the Lord met me there. Yet, even after all of the medical challenges were behind us, I continued to run to that same space to spend time with Him…and let’s face it, do the needs for our children ever cease to exist?

I found that my prayers often consisted of just these four simple words, “Lord, I need you.” Sometimes my prayers were not even prayed out loud in English—my native language—and often times it was just my tears alone that carried my messages to God. (Psalm 56:8) Regardless of how your words sound or what is actually spoken, at His feet is always the best place to be.

God is calling all mothers to arise and take their places as queen of their homes.

This queen from heaven’s perspective is one that never gives up on her children. She never gives up on praying and interceding with boldness for the ones that He loves. God is the One who has breathed life into our children and called them into being. He planned for each of them to be under our care and in this world at this exact time.

Psalm 139 states that God has predestined a great future for each of us and He has numbered our days and ordered our steps. Our good Father has already planned an incredible future for our lives and our children’s lives too.


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