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If you’ve been contending for your children for quite some time with no results, be encouraged! This is an intuitive prayer guide that walks the believer through praying the Word of God.

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Will you arise and take your place as a watchman over your children?

This prayer booklet is a supplementary guide to our Pearls in Bloom Children’s Prayer Perimeter program. However, this intuitive prayer guide can be used at any time and on your own. There’s oil on this book! Many have shared stories of how they have received an in-pouring of revelation and words of wisdom from God as they have sat down to meditate on scripture and journal.

There’s no more time to push off time with the Lord on behalf of our kids!

In this booklet, we’ll use scripture as the foundational element for all of our prayer strategies.

Let's pray for protection! The devil has been messing with our kids and enough is enough.
We'll pray that our kid's hearts will be tenderized towards God and they will desire to be called a ``friend of God.``
Let's use scripture to call forth our kid's destinies that God wrote in their book of life long before they were even conceived!

Mother’s, arise and take your place!

Till your last breath, you’ve been assigned as your child’s watchman. What a privilege it is to cover in prayer the ones that God loves!

– Celina Moser Baginski

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For This Child We Have Prayed - 1 Samuel - Gift For Mom's

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