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If you’ve been contending for your children for quite some time with no results, be encouraged! This is an intuitive prayer guide that walks the believer through praying the Word of God.

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This book was written using easy-to-read and easy-to-understand language. Although it’s targeted for tween boys, the words are active and true for any age level.

The layout gets to the point without getting too wordy, perfect for active boys. In fact, there’s actually only 14 pages of written content. The rest of the pages are to be used for journaling.

The idea behind this is so your son will not become overwhelmed with the information presented and will also be encouraged to use this book for notes and sketches—thus providing an opportunity for them to flip through this book many times leading them to absorb more and more information each time.


There are many challenges in this game called life. Isaiah 43: 2 says that when you pass through hard times that your God will be with you. Note the key word “when.” Not if, but when. The scriptures say that you will have trouble in life, but a promise remains that the Lord will be with you and YOU WILL get to the other side.

However, to do life WITHOUT Jesus is like playing your favorite video game with a broken controller. However, doing life WITH Jesus is like getting upgraded from a 1990’s hard drive to one made just for gaming, a new 72-inch monitor, and an LED keyboard with matching mouse and light up swivel chair. The new hard drive, reduces lag and gets you where you need to be pronto while reducing the chances of getting taken out. A top-notch monitor would give you an advantage point to spot opponents hiding behind trees. And the LED setup just looks really cool!

In this book for boys, we discuss the benefits of doing life with Jesus as illustrated in Isaiah 43:2. Then we discuss what it means to “level up” in the kingdom of God—which includes Jesus as your Lord and Savior. But then what? This is when the game really begins. We cover bullet points on how to fulfill one’s destiny, time for prayer and reflection.

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