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We did it! For three weeks we prayed for each of the 100 kids listed in the initial thread posted on July 29. It was an honor to pray for your kids as they all transitioned back into school.
Click on the link below to download the scriptures used during our prayer time. So often I would say your child's name aloud as I prayed and it was so amazing to see how God's face shine upon them - each being so unique and perfectly made.
I hope you'll find this short guide useful in continuing to pray for your kids by using scripture. God's word never returns void. Put His scriptures into action!
Ephesians 6:11-18 illustrates the armor of God that we are commanded to put on daily. The sword is the Word of God. I remember waking up one morning to hearing someone say, "Whoever takes the sword takes the prize." Use the Word of God to slay your giants!
To watch and listen to more encouragement online, here are two resources that I recently recorded.
Teaching Mom's To Pray - Strategy #1
Praying Psalms 91 Over Our Kids - Strategy #2

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