Prophetic Word For Children

Go forth in confidence knowing that hosts of angels are with you.
To Mothers - Did I not choose YOU to give birth to them?
TTo the children, soar! Soar says the Lord! Soar above the mess. Rise higher and higher into my presence. Here will I give you great revelation and you will slay the giants. For all the naysayers who said you couldn’t do it. Ha! I laugh out loud. Is this a joke? They don’t know who I created you to be!
They don’t know the gems that I’ve deposited within you that even Satan himself cannot pluck out! He won’t even bother because I’ve already warned him and showed him the army charged to defend my little ones. He trembles in my presence. Go forth in confidence knowing that hosts of angels are with you. Not one, not two, but many. Many have been assigned to you this day. Even the infants arise above their time. They are soldiers. They are made differently. They will not be denied!


After I heard this initial Word for our children, I also heard these sobering words next.
To the mothers, stop killing my giant slayers! Stop killing my children! You will be blessed beyond measure for caring and comforting them. Did I not choose YOU to give birth to them? Did I not choose YOU to carry them full term! Did I not give you a mouth for you to use as a roar that will make the enemy flee in 7 directions? I chose YOU! Hug my children! Wage war against the enemy for MY children!


Journaled on Wednesday, October 6, 2021.
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In my shop, you will find faith-based gifts for your loved ones. I love making things for children and creating places to play and rest that inspire relationship with God. I make stuffed animals, dolls, paint murals, sew anything you can imagine for your home, and I also enjoy designing fashion accessories—particularly jewelry and purses.

I believe that we can teach our children how to be a bright light in a world of darkness from a very early age. In childhood education, it’s been proven that children learn best through play. I take this same approach when I’m teaching Chase or other kiddos how to hear God’s voice for themselves. I always start out by saying, “God what do you want to say?” whenever I begin to make something new—whether it’s a mural, a pillow with a special message, a look-alike doll, sew-alongs and books!

I’ve self-published four books (three children’s books and one for mothers). Three more books are currently being illustrated now. I’m in love with these stories!!

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